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  • Main product Ceramic tiles (Floor, wall)
  • Number of employees 92
Management Philosophy
  • Value Creation By Humanism
Management Policy
  • 1. Expanding market power
  • 2. Make values by creative development
  • 3. Stabilizing management by managing crisis
Company Information
Korean best tile with high quality technical skills.

In economic recession, Everybody expressed concern our situation.
But, We caught up technical skills of advanced country such as italy, spain. It was single firing technique which is the one and only technique in Korea.
As a warning for the deepening recession in construction business, We made well balanced marketing. It resulted in steady revenue increase about 20~30%.
we develop 300 kinds of tiles every year and 50 percent of them are becoming commoditized.

Environment-friendly enterprise, giving hope to the people.

Material of the tile is the soil. It is environment-friendly. We have a patent on Negative ion tiles, ocher tiles, Luminous tiles.
We are the only company producing tiles with single firing technology. Our energy consumption is small as compared with the same line of business. It means that Carbon amount of unit product is the fewest.
We recycles all the wastewater and we do not discharge any wastewater. Such efforts would be a good example of advanced management.

Best enterprise for the worker.

We have conducted 2 times of workshops per year and built horizontal communication.
This culture created volunteer service club, support of school expenses, support of club operating costs. This way, we are striving to make all workers feel pride.

Social responsibility of corporate.

We are operating volunteer service club. workers deduct constant price of their pay monthly, and company provide additional sponsorship.
Last year, we offered scholarship to students who have poverty-stricken family background, and we have fixed house of the elderly who live in poverty.

Second factory of Taeyoung Ceramic will be finished in 2015 then, we will be able to step up once again. Further, we can have a competitive price and technology competitiveness. Afterward, If we finish third factory, it will be the largest scale of production volume.


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